Chiropractic Impulse Adjusting

Impulse Adjustment

Here at In Line Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we offer many different chiropractic treatment techniques for our patients. Dr. Amber Baughn Tucei is passionate about helping people receive the relief they need. One of those techniques that we offer include chiropractic impulse adjusting.

Impulse Adjusting

Chiropractic therapy does more than just treat the symptoms. Chiropractic treatments aim to treat the cause of the problem and restore healing to the body. We seek to use gentle and natural treatments and avoid invasive procedures. These treatments are done with the use of various techniques and tools. One treatment that is becoming more common is the Impulse Adjusting tool.

What is Chiropractic Impulse?

As technology has advanced in other areas of medicine, chiropractic medicine has also made advancements. One chiropractic treatment technique is Impulse adjusting. This method targets the specific problem area of the patient. It delivers controlled pressure to the area to relieve pain and help with mobility.

How Does This Method Work?

This chiropractic technique is performed using a specific tool. During the treatment, the patient may feel a light tapping sensation on the area receiving the treatment. This tool can be used on any area of the body. It is even used on trigger points.

Each patient and their condition is unique. Therefore, how each patient responds to the treatment will be different.

Who Can Benefit From This Technique?

This treatment method offers a gentler alternative to patients who are too sore to undergo the manual chiropractic adjustments. The chiropractic impulse adjusting instrument is a great alternative for patients who simply do not prefer manual adjustments.

This treatment has proven to be safe and gentle for patients of all ages. The goal of the technique is to reduce pain and inflammation in the body's systems and restore mobility. When the spine is correctly aligned, it encourages optimal mobility and less stress on the body.

This technique is administered as pain free as possible. Any discomfort experienced may be caused by other underlying conditions. Be sure to talk with the chiropractor about any pain you have. They can make the decision regarding the proper treatments for your condition.

Is Chiropractic Impulse Treatment Right For You?

If you are considering this method of chiropractic therapy, give us a call. We can schedule you for a consultation with our doctor. Our goal is to find the right method of natural care that is best for you. Don't wait another day to live pain free. Let us develop a treatment plan for you.