Chiropractic Activator Method

Chiropractic Activator Method

In Line Chiropractic and Wellness Center is a chiropractic office that uses the chiropractic Activator Method. We believe that our patients should be able to live as pain free as possible.

What is The Chiropractic Activator Method?

This technique uses a hand-held instrument that is called the Activator. The Activator will use a gentle force so that it can restore proper motion to the area that needs it. This method is commonly used to help naturally treat back and neck pain. Dr. Amber Baughn Tucei can help relieve your pain with the use of the Activator.

It has even been used to treat headaches, neck pain, low back pain, etc. The Activator Method will feel like a doctor testing your reflexes. Your affected joint should feel a release of pressure once the treatment has been used.

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